Qiyun Mountain

Qiyun Mountain is located in the Qiyun Shan Town, which is 15 kilometers away from Xiu Ning County, and 60 kilometers away from the Huangshan Mountain scenic area. It is the country level key scenery scenic spot area, the national geology park, the national forest park, and one of the four Taoism Mountains of China.

Its ancient name is White Mountain. The high point elevation only has 585 meters. It is not very high, but it is very cragged. The valley is profound, the peaks are beautiful, and the marvelous peaks and ridges seem mysterious.

The Qiyun Mountain scenic area is 110 square kilometers, divided into five big scenic areas as Yuehua Street, Floor on Floor, Yunyan Lake, Southern Mountain and Hengjiang River. They all have different styles, and compose like a colorful landscape painting. Emperor Qian Long of Qing Dynasty named it “the First Mountain in the South of China”.

Besides the beautiful landscape, Qiyun Mountain also has a long cultural history.  Early in Yuanhe years of Tang Dynasty, the Taoism had spread to this area, and established foundation during the Song and Yuan Dynasties. In Jiajing and Wanli Years of Ming Dynasty, the three generations of Zhang Zhenren were ordered to stay at this mountain, so as to consummate the Taoism rules and construct the temples. From this time, Qiyun Mountain became the Taoism activity center in south of the Changjiang River, ascending as Taoism famous mountain in China, and was called “small Wudang in south of the Changjiang River”. The Yuehua Street became the Holy Land for the Taoist priests and the pilgrims.

Throughout the ages, many literati and grandees came to the mountain, such as Li Bai, Zhu Xi, Zhu Sheng, Tang Yin, Hai Rui, Qi Jiguang, Xu Xiake, Yu Dafu and so on. They expressed feelings either by composing poems, or by inscribing tablets for records, and have left behind the extremely rich and precious cultural heritage. At present, there are 108 Taoism spots such as Taoism palaces, temples, altars, pavilions, and 537 carved stones and steles, mostly lie in the belt of Zhenxian Cavity, Shiqiao Rock and Zixiao Cliff. All these inosculate with the natural scenery, and spread in different scenic spots, increasing the infinite esthetic sense for the Qiyun Mountain, and making the tourists feel pleasant, and influenced by the Chinese traditional culture. 

At the same time, Qiyun Mountain is called the plant treasury. Here is growing more than 20 kinds of rare trees and 300 kinds of bamboos, medical plants, flowers and grass. Over 30 kinds of rare birds and beasts inhabit in the green mountain, such as budgerigars, thrushes, leopards and golden monkeys. They witness the superior natural ecological environment in Qiyun Mountain.  

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